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BUZZMUSIC Talks "Salty"

The Bylaws got a sweet review of their song "Salty" by the LA-based blog BUZZMUSIC. According to the review, "Salty" is an "edgy and hardcore new single that will transport you to the early 2000s," replete with "haunting guitar" and "piercing and impassioned lyrics."

In addition to the song-love, the blog includes an interview with Ginger about the band, the songwriting process, and the inspiration behind the lyrics. "There's a lot of insanity in our world right now," said Ginger. "If we can give people three minutes of feeling good, we've done what we came to do."

Local Bylaws Ginger Pennington Matthew Hash Alex Rocheleau

"This song is a lot about following your own intuition rather than the noise outside you." -Ginger Pennington


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