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"Lead Vampire" is the Cutest Music Video Ever

Local Bylaws' official music video for "Lead Vampire" is finally out, and it is simply adorable. The video, directed by Loni Lonzo and Marisa Pala, follows a day in the life of mini-versions of the band as they get ready for a basement show.

The song "Lead Vampire" was written by Ginger Pennington about Bylaws guitarist Alex Rocheleau, a journeyman carpenter by day and rock star by night. In the video, he is played by his 6-year-old son, Mason, who spends his day toiling at the job site, but finds freedom in the evening, rocking out on his guitar with the kid fans.

The other members of the band are played by the real-life children of Bylaws founding member Tyler Cull, with his daughter Macy on lead vocals, and sons Matt and Micah on bass and drums, respectively. Lead singer Ginger's 4-year-old twins, Taika and Aya, make appearances in the video as well.


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